Phase 2 Ends--Phase 3 Begins!


The past two weeks have been interesting!  I challenged eggs the first week, dairy last week.

As you know, cooking/meal prep means “keep in simple, Sweetie!”  And since my “egg days” did not include the weekend, I bought a dozen eggs, boiled them up and added two to my salad the first day and used two as a snack the second day.  Can’t get much simpler than that!  Yes, you can!  You can remove them from your meal plans!!!  After just two days, I noticed I was having headaches and was not feeling well!  I decided that, with such a strong message from my body, I really could “call” that one!  

Last week, for my dairy challenge, I went organic, with cottage cheese, kefir and string cheese.  Loved the string cheese, still am not sold on cottage cheese and experienced kefir!  I used that in my protein shake...and rather liked it!  I had no real noticeable reaction to any of the dairy, so I am OK to include that in the next phase.

The end result is that soy will remain out of my food plan, by taste preference.  Eggs will be a very occasional menu item (Cathy suggested I try an egg white omelet).  Gluten and dairy will be added in about one or two times a month.  This will allow me to make some additional choices, most particularly when eating out.  This takes me to...

Phase 3

This will be my food plan until next January!  I will continue to eat “lean and green” most days.  This plan has worked for me, enabling me to release 14.8 pounds of body weight, decrease my body fat by 7 pounds and increase my hydration!  Now that’s what I like!

Feb 3, 2014 to Mar 22, 2014 Changes:

  • Fat Weight/Percentage went from 96 pds/43/2% to 89 pds/42.7%;
  • Lean Weight went torm 123 pds to 120 pds;
  • Water Liters/Percentage went from 44.49 ltr/43.8% to 42.98 ltr/45.2%;
  • Body Weight from 223.8 pds to 209.0 pds

The focus for Phase 3 will be to maintain my food plan and to introduce consistent activity in my schedule.  This may be a larger challenge for me than the change in my food plan!

Exercise for exercise’s sake has never been a part of my life.  As a child and teen, I was very active.  Once I began working, my activity level just about ceased!  Other than walking to/from my car,  office, around the office, etc., I really was not active.  I did ski when I lived in the Eastern Sierras; that ended when I moved back to the city!  So going to the gym and working out does not really excite me!

Changing my loose muscles for smooth, firm and tight ones, does!  I did go down to my workout room today and put in 10 minutes on the bike.  After posting this and taking care of one other project, I will get out the hand weights and put in some time with them.  Any ideas for someone who does not have access to leg weights?  I need to build up my leg muscles, especially in my knees!  HELP!  

Thanks for staying with me on this part of my journey!  I am 10 pounds away from my first BIG weight goal!  I hope you will help me celebrate that milestone soon!

Cheers to your health!  A “Like” or “Comment” will be gratefully received and perceived as a hug and your support!

Phase 2 Moving Forward!


Week 2 of Phase 2, done and done!  Interesting, too!

Last week, I challenged gluten.  One meal Tuesday through Friday included a gluten product.  Since I am a girl who likes easy food/meal prep, I chose 100% Whole Wheat pita pockets and made a sandwich with Smoked Turkey deli slices for lunch.  Add a salad and lunch is “in the bag!” 

I did notice that, Tuesday evening, I did feel kinda of “grinchy,” nothing specific, just didn’t feel quite right.  It didn’t last too long...just enough for me to notice.

Friday, I really stepped out of what is my “norm.”  As it was Friday and I am following Fast/Abstenance during Lent.  I realized late Thursday evening that I had no fish!  Decided I’d order a salad from our sub shop, something with shrimp, maybe!  Nope!  Only chicken salads.  Several others were ordering from an italian fish there either!  Went with pasta and marinara.  It did taste good!  About half an hour later, I realized I had a headache.  I was about to search out an aspirin when I remembered what I had just eaten...hmmm.  Got thinking about it and realized I had had a slight headache the last couple days, too.  Nothing serious...just there.

Well, I’m going to listen to my body and leave gluten out of my food plan most of the time.  I will probably be able to have a small amount once a month or so; it just will be something to have every once in a while, not on a regular basis.

This week, I am challenging eggs.  Again with the easy!  Got a dozen eggs, hardboiled them and added some to my salad today.  I didn’t notice any comments from my body today.  Will see how it goes for the next couple days!

By the way, the scale showed a 1 pound decrease, so I’m a happy camper!  Thought I'd share a couple photos...from November

and then in January.  Progress being made!

Cheers to your health!  What success may I celebrate with you?

Miracles DO Still Happen!


I had a break through this weekend!!  No, not a break down...a break through!

First, let me update you on the changes in my food plan. This was Week 1 of Phase 2 on The Virgin Diet.  Over the next four weeks, I will be "challenging" four food categories; soy, gluten, dairy and eggs.  Each week I will add the food back into my plan for 4 days,then take it out again the last three days.  This will help me determine to what foods I am intolerant, if any.  Since I am not a real fan of soy, I don't plan on including it in the future. I did test it and I did not have any drastic reactions to it.

Now here's the good stuff! I went to a friend's family gathering Saturday, in Tucson, to celebrate her mother's 80th birthday! She has a very large family and the dinner was a catered Mexican dinner. They had to choose one of my favorites, eh!?! Having attended another family gathering, I knew I was up against some challenges! 

My past behavior has been to eat anything and everything in sight. I knew I would have to get out the "big guns" in order to win this one. I realized I had the biggest "arsenal" Father!  I prayed for His assistance and, boy, did He answer big time!  I "cruised" the food table to see what choices would be supportive of my health. Yes, there were many dishes available that I would have chosen in the past. I was fortunate that there were some new choices for me and I ate a very healthy dinner... tasted good too! The real big "topper" was my choice for dessert. While there were certainly plenty of processed food choices, I selected a bowl full of plump, juicy, delicious strawberries!  

My prayers were answered and my behaviors were drastically changed!  Thank you, Father, for answering my prayers!

Oh! I almost forgot! I had another "good stuff" happen last week! I finally figured out why my jeans have been driving me nuts. They just haven't been very comfortable lately. Well, no wonder! They're falling off my waist! Gosh, I guess I'll just have to buy a smaller size!

Cheers to your health! I would love to hear what your success was this week! Please leave a comment so I can celebrate your success. Please help me celebrate my success by "liking" my post!

NO!! Oh, Wait!


Accountability Day Saturday...meeting with Cathy Lombardo, HeatMindBody Fitness, for my weigh in and BMI check.

I was so looking forward to this meeting!  I have been on the Virgin Diet Cycle 1 food plan since February 3, coming up to the end of the 21 day cycle.  I have been focused on following the food plan and completing my food journal each day (HUGE challenge for me).  

I stepped on the scale and saw...214.4!  UP a pound from last week!!  NO!  What the hey??  What happened here?  Cathy stopped me right there...we have another check to do; BMI reading, which is a truer reading.

Here is a comparison of last week and this week’s BMI:​

  1. Body Fat:  98 pds/45.8% vs 93 pds/43.5% 
  2. Lean Weight:  116 vs 121 
  3. Water/Hydration:  41.93 liters/43.2% vs 43.6 liters/44.7%

While my scale weight increased by one pound, my Body Fat decreased by 5 pounds and my lean weight increased.  The increase in hydration (good!) contributes to the increased scale weight.  So, as the saying goes, “It’s all good!”

When I saw these comparisons, I started happy dancin’ again (I seem to be doing this a lot recently)!

I’m now preparing for the next four weeks, as I re-introduce four of the 7 foods I removed from my food plan.  I will be bringing soy, gluten, dairy and eggs back in over the next four weeks, in a specific method.  This will allow me to test how my body reacts to each of these goods.  If there is no  reaction, I will be able to have these foods occasionally.  Depending on any reaction I may have, I may choose to leave these foods out.

Another thing we talked about was...what will I do to celebrate breaking 200?  My mind instantly flashed to what meal I would have.  Then I stopped that non-supporting thought vein and changed to...DG2 Skinny Jeans!  Fitted pants with set-in waistbands!

I went to a gathering of friends after my coaching.  I was concerned about what would be served.  And, thank God, healthy choices abounded!  He has blessed me with friends who are also concerned with their health and have made changes to their food, too!  The only thing I did not choose was chips and salsa, along with the flax seed crackers.  I’m not a fan of hummus (chick peas, ewww) and was delighted to see fresh fruit slices, veggies and a beautiful quinoa salad!

Just a thought...when you are changing your behaviors, changing your environment and those you bring into your environment affect your choices!  By surrounding myself with people who eat in a healthy manner assist me in keeping on my path!  Just sayin’!

Cheers to your health!  Please take a moment and share your success as a Comment, either on FaceBook or below!  I’d like to celebrate your win/win, too!

Rated 10.4!


On a scale of 1-10, I am a 10.4!

Actually, that is the amount of weight I have released since Monday, 2/3/14!  I am still doing a Happy Dance!  

On February 1, I made the decision to step back into the food plan I know works for me...JJ Virgin’s The Virgin Diet.  Monday was the beginning of my 21 day elimination cycle.  Some people, when they look at this, may think it is impossible to follow.  I, too, thought that...and proved myself incorrect!  It is a lot easier than I thought!  The biggest key?  Stay away from fast food places!  Cook healthy food at home and reap the rewards!

So, what did I eliminate?  7 food categories that many people find cause health problems.  If you have food allergies, they are probably in these categories.  You may not be allergic; you may, however, have an intolerance.

  1. Gluten
  2. Soy
  3. Dairy
  4. Eggs
  5. Corn
  6. Peanuts
  7. Sugar

If you are anything like me, I was eating a good amount of dairy and eggs and I would choose soy as a "healthy alternative."  Little did I realize these were choices that were preventing me from releasing extra pounds!

I had always been taught that dairy was good for me, whole grains were healthy and eggs, in moderation, were also healthy.  I knew sugar and corn (a high glycemic index food) were not healthy.  I had been told that natural peanut butter is a good fat.

Guess what?!  When I removed all these foods from my food plan for 21 days (I first did this in January 2013), I released 14 pounds in that 3 weeks!  And after 2 weeks this year, I have released 10.4 pounds!

Here are some comparisons from the beginning and this Saturday’s results:

  1. Pounds:  223.8 vs 213.4
  2. Fat weight:  101/45% vs 98/45.8%
  3. Lean weight:  123 vs 116
  4. Water:  43.8% vs 43.2%

WOW!  I have released some of the retained water I have been carrying around all this time!  One on these days, I will have shapely ankles again!

I’ll be finished with the 21 day cycle next Monday.  I am reading up on the next cycle which re-introduces these foods back into my plan.  By listening to what my body tells me, I’ll know which ones need to stay out of my plan!

Cheers to your health!

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